• Advertising has been around forever. Mostly word of mouth in ancient times. Gutenberg's version of the printing press in the mid 1400's revolutionized advertising and by the 1500's million of books were being printed along with advertising sheets of paper. It was during this time "The Press" was associated with this new type of media. I personally believe modern advertising didn't begin until a newspaper man, W. W. Shaw, very successfully started an advertising novelty business in Coshocton, Oh. around 1884. Two competing newspaper owners with last names of Meek and Beach watched very closely as Shaw's new business took off. Jasper Meeks saw the potential in this new field and bought out Shaw's special printing press around 1888. He quickly formed the Tuscarora Advertising Co. Henry Beach shortly followed suit and formed the Standard Advertising Co. a couple of years later. Both companies were so successful other companies were formed to compete with them and Coshocton became the advertising capital of the world.

  • Most of us collectors know the thrill of the chase, the exciting find, and the agony of defeat when told the advertising item has been sold. These common collector emotions endure us until the next adventure. The collecting bug bit me early as a young boy collecting coins. I definitely rode the beer can craze of the 70's placing my first beer can on the shelf in 1970. My can collection took off when a couple of friends and I discovered hundreds of flat top cans in a dry, two story abandoned house on Rt. 20 just outside the city limits of Elgin, Illinois. This hoard included a few complete sets of the Meister Brau "Happy Day" series and dozens of the Peter Hand Reserve cans with the cartoon characters on the side. They were awesome trading cans. Sold my original can collection to Tony Steffan of Elgin around 1984. In 1978, a kind soul gave me a 60's Pepsi metal advertising sign. I had seen many metal advertising signs hanging everywhere imaginable but never looked at one as a collectible object. Wow.... this was as cool as driving out to Colorado and having a cold Coors beer before they went national. A new form of madness set in. It's never abated.

  • Betty enjoys collecting coins, a hobby she inherited from her Dad. She also enjoys painting, freelance drawing, and is a true Chicago Cubs baseball fan. And I mean FAN ..... I didn't realize this until a few months into our marriage in 1982. I'm a White Sox fan. It's been very interesting but all fun! We both enjoy summer breezes in the middle of Chicago winters and visit Sanibel Island and Daytona Beach often. Would like to add we are fishing aficionados. We venture to Silver Water Wheel Lodge Lac Seul, Canada a couple of times a summer and fish Shabonna Lake in between the trips north.

    Our family includes our eldest son Jeff and his wife Abby, their two lovely daughters Anya and Thea, and our youngest son Kyle.

    Thanks again for spending time with us,

    Scott & Betty