Past Events

Events that we have attended.

Chupp's Auction
Dixie Gas and Oil Show  April 11, 12, 13  Sevierville, TN
Miller's Auction March 9, 2019 Hixton, WI
Chupp's Antique Auction Spring, 2018 Shipshewanna, IN
Dixie Gas & Oil Show September, 2018 Seiversville, TN
Fricker Auction February 02, 2019 Leroy, IL
Webster Flea Market February 4 & 11, 2019 Webster, FL
Renninger's Antique Extravaganza February 15, 16, 17, 2019 Mt. Dora, FL
chupps-auction.jpg Chupp's Auction Spring of 2018 in Shipshewanna, Indiana. The Chupp brothers conducted a great auction of advertising signs last spring. They also sold this all original early 1900's milk wagon for $30,000.00. A beautiful piece of Americana.
dixie-gas.jpg Dixie Gas and Oil Show Sept. 2018 in Seiversville, Tn. Betty fell in love with this 1948 Dodge pickup truck. Ready to drive home. Just needing a paint job. A great show to attend twice a year in the foothills of the Smokies. Mostly Gas,Oil,Soda Pop signs for sale. 
img-6383.jpg  April 10th 2019 Dixie Gas/Oil show Sevierville, Tn. Beautiful weather for the first day of the show.  Betty found (and bought) a heavy plastic Esso tiger which was attached to the top of their gas pumps in the 60's. Hard to find for they were not made to withstand outside weather. "Put a tiger in your tank" was their famous slogan.
 img-6379.jpg  If it's old thermometers you're seeking then Gary Ulery's display would have pleased you. And everything's for sale. We did buy a 1lb coffee tin from Gary who's also known as "ysi" on Ebay. That's Gary standing off to the right side of his trailer.